Darker times lift their veil
Windy words whisper change
Earthy colors wash the palette
Dressing greens in orange and reds

A nearing cold impresses the skin
Invisible hands disrobe the trees
Off they go the old green leaves
Thousands of kites without strings

Freckles of cinnamon sooth the mind
Cardamom warmth meets the heart
Nutmegs of life contemplate the past
While Ginger sculpts tales shaped as Man

Sands of seeds displaced by light
Flickering filigrees yellow and white
Maple trees wearing scarves
Looking up at grey skies

Nature sighs fugitive and wishful
Laughs of hay, pansies, and Figs
The dimmer glow of sunny days grows old
And Autumn stands all mighty and cold

October 2021

Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels

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