Changing the World By Changing The Painter….

I want to share some thoughts about an acronym Bob Whipple posted in a group discussion about TRUST. He has worked in the TRUST business for many years and although I do not know him, I find this idea very imaginative and deep…

TRUST (quote)

1. Trusting Others – To receive more trust, show more trust.

2. Reinforcing Candor – Praise people for speaking their truth – drive out fear.

3. Universal goals – High trust requires alignment: all pull in the same direction.

4. Sincerity – Treat people the right way: Golden Rule is a good one.

5. Transparency – Share all the information you can legally share.

How does this concept work in your life?

For me Trust is enacting faith, is walking into the unknown under the banner of ‘Possibility’ summoned by intuition and supported on the certainty of an “inner knowing” beyond prejudices and beliefs.

In my field outcomes are rarely predictable. Yes, we obviously have a picture of what is that we need to invest from the beginning and a map of experiences and teachings to guide us in the process, but in a “higher sense” (the one that really matter for me) for work to been done with excellence and honesty, you need to deal with uncertainty, changes and let go… The outcome is surprising, (and if not: be suspicious!) and it no longer belong you, it transcends your identity and hopefully become an asset for others, a legacy, a contribution.  Exposure to “shifting environments”, quicksand outside and within us, plus a very funny but very uncomfortable ongoing meeting with the boards of the right and left brain representatives, is part of our daily life…

The image of a dark hall where you only have light enough to see what is just some inches from you, and whenever you feel that you about to reached the end, another hall opens before you!… that, and hitting a plateau, is a common as waking up every morning an prepare yourself for another day…


The only way to deal with this effectively is TRUST… with everything that entails…

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