A World without a View

A miasma of ignorance
Has befallen us
Creeping stems of folly and greed
Assembled the truss
Overpowering decay of loose morals and hate
Seething through gashes of laziness and envy
Disguise as fate

Deleterious rumors
Cluster above
Raining the acid drops enfeebling hope
When shall it stop?
The miasma of despair
Crowning an Age
When consciousness and progress could have reigned!

Oh, circular geography
Map of planet earth
Bearing lines of blood and bitterness
In a mesh of senseless X's
Quagmire of seasons and cardinal points
Empty glories do not anoint

Only love, the incandescent Prana shall dispel
A miasma of power
Without legs
Deprived of Depth. 
April 15th, 2023
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