The Price of a Life Not Lived

I am supposed to put a price
A price to life.
How can I
If I don’t know
What life is,
To breathe
To feel
To see
To touch
To taste and smell
The sweet and bitter forms
In which reality presents
What I am willing
To know

I was supposed to put a put a price
A price to experience
How can I?
Whatever skill,
Lesson or
That fits the lines in a Bio’s sheet
Took years
To water,
To feed
To grow
To bloom
And eons
To acknowledge it

I ran away from putting a price…
Or what is from life?
I saw him move
I heard him speak
I laughed and rebelled
Agreed and disagreed
One day here
The next, gone
All color, lines, and depth lost

The glass suspending potential
In the beautiful stage of soul
The envisioning screen
The mind of ideas and thoughts
The heart of emotions,
The love…
Shattered into pieces
Drifting in winds of loss
Whispering words of truth
Cutting raw

Have you?
Have you put a price for it?
Do you see?

I put a price to life
Unaware that I did
When I sold my dreams
And settled to just be
Not what I am
But what I am supposed to be

Mercedes Calcano, April 7th, 2024

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