Unanswered Questions

If I didn’t have a name
Who would I be?
If my skin wasn’t this shade, who would I be?
Is my tongue couldn’t speak words,
My memory recall people and place
If there were no lingering thoughts 
No reason to love,
Who would I be?

If I didn’t have roles
Would I be me?
If mirrors didn’t exist
A reflection was alien to me,
Routines were devoid of intention,
Just motions for the sake of it,
Would I be me?

Is it the offspring that which makes me a mother?
The certificate, a provider
The number in a scale, any scale, that determines my value?
If I where shapeless, would I be me?

If my hair remained lustrous and unchanged
My flesh unwrinkled and spotless,
My movements assertive and sharp
Even when the seed is long gone,
And the flourished ideal has grown for better or worse.
Even if it lost its wings, 
Its leaves or dreams
Would that still count as me?
If my dwelling wasn’t a womb
Or life sparked on a petri dish
If there’s no place in a map
No others who resemble me
Do I exist?

Who would I be?
If age, and time didn’t curve in the quantum field,
The observer never existed,
And particles ran free,
If the vacuum was not interested in being filled?
And fractals withheld the knowledge,
Revealing nothing about wholeness
What would my origin be?
Would I surf in waves or cluster in nuclei?

If the universe asked questions
Who would reply?
Is that why I am here?
Who is the I?
Where can I find it?
Is not having the answers, what bring the questions alive?

Am I a question without an answer?
Or is the answer beyond all this?

Who asks?
The One turning the invisible into a game 
To exist.
Photo by Magda Ehlers: https://www.pexels.com/photo/yellow-flowers-and-petals-on-marble-surface-4013304/

Mercedes Calcano, March 16th, 2024

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