Back to the Drawing Board

This is a game I know too well
As tides of faces turn
And landscapes shift their hue
An endless loop of farewells
Journeys, souls and settings anew

Square One! A victorious defeat
The onset of Cathedrals attempting to rise
Over the graves and tired bones of lost dreams
Familiar strangers became kin
Bonds unfurl and retract
And the hands on the space and time clock
Mercilessly pointing out
Turn their backs to your dragging feet
Deaf to sighs and weeps

This is a game I know too well
The canvas has been washed clean
Old lines and shapes whimper softly as they fade
Off-white pretending to be Stark
Selling itself as a promising start.

Turning a leaf might be
A wise choice
A sound judgement
A prudent decision
Yet, this is a game I know too well
Past and present collide
Our humanness, ripped from habitual constellations
Clings to a future going down a wormhole
This I know too well … against my will
The comfort's torn, the threads unwind
The heart shall weep
The world once known

And when it’s done
The tears spilled
Dissolve the stains
The soul gently nudges
Back to the drawing board, my dear
Back to the drawing board

Mercedes Calcano 06/02/2024

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