Life as An Artist

The unfathomable challenge faced by an artist is to translate something unfathomable by tangible means.

What longs to break free?

Wrapped in the sweet ideal of touching the Divine, creation turn the inner world upside down and drown us in the vastness of the invisible and eternal.

A  journey of Becoming
In the wings of the imagination
A door to magical encounters
A promise…

Artist Statement

I create Imaginative landscapes flowing in an organic rhythm
Fleeting moments of light…
Mirrors of intricate veils wrapping revelations…
A path to uncover the secrets of the soul, the symbolic way in which it expresses it’s true.
May magic be found…

My art plays with Organic Abstractions and the subject of dreams. Surrenders to the tension between gentle waves and sharps edges, summits and abyss in nature and in music, the complex layers concealing the essence of existence, its subtle speech of metaphors and time..

In wonder I attempt to cast a language of my own with the certainty that through my daily work in the Studio I am unveiling destiny. 

As I sketch, jolt words or incessantly repeat a musical phrase, something bigger than me draws, writes and sings a story, one dreaming of the future shaping the Nowadays.


I am a generator of possibilities, a catalyzer for the future amplifying the Soul’s quality field of vibration and inspiring others to radiate the light with in.

A envision a world who embraces “being human” as a poetic act endowed with the indelible imprint of the eternal expressing itself in its unique soul alphabet to bring about fulfillment and expansion for all.

I am fascinated by human imagination and the soul. I look to unveil the blueprint that stands for our divinity and its power to recreate life. Thus, I allow the painting to strip me from of assumptions and plans and express its truth.

My work focuses on layers of colors and depths that organize themselves in unexpected ways as if guided by the painting’s voice itself.  Through labyrinths and puzzles,  endless waves and lines emerge, dissolve, dance and transform.  My background as a musician influences the way in which the visual harmonies reach a cadence and leap into new worlds speaking of longings, beauty and the quest for meaning. 

The ultimate impact, is the impact of recognition. The perceived reality is no longer…

Layer by layer a universe builds itself challenging me to break through its secrets.

Through colored metaphors and intricate juxtapositions, I explore the complexity of existence and the poetry of our human fragility and immensity


I work with several techniques and mixed mediums.  Acrylics though are a favorite; their watery quality allows for happy surprises and well-studied figuration. They are capable of giving both, a transparent brilliance and gorgeous density.  I find acrylics versatility, ideal for worlds to be explored! 


I am a storyteller at heart, one inspired by myths of origin and heroic deeds, the wisdom in nature and the universe contained in the human soul. I look for the vastness of the cosmos in me and my surroundings, and long for an intimate connection beyond time and space, languages and form. Music offers shapes, colors and structure to my purpose, its long lines endlessly traversing centuries of human narratives, longings and the quest for significance.

My compass

Reflect impermanence or ethereality 
Offer an expanded world of luminescence and light.
Reveal the connectedness to nature and the cosmos and its intricate storytelling
Discovering mysticism and esoteric aspects of colors and their combinations. 
Combined abstraction and representation 
Discover the simplified lines that hold the secrets to existence and the spontaneous movement in response to touch, emotions and the elements
Create optical illusions through the manipulation of patterns, shapes, and colors.
Overlap layers of luminous color to give the appearance of delineated lines and hint a center 
Most of all... 
conveying strong emotional and expressive content that speaks to the Soul


    Rothko, O’Keeffe, Mondrian’s early work, Calder, Vasarely, De Kooning, Frankenthaler, Margaret Neill, Richard Caldicott, Tamayo, Borges, Otero, Cruz Diez., Carlos Raul Villanueva, Rodin, Miro, Henry Moore, H. Barr, Picasso, Albert Oehlen, Braque, Rodchenko and Gilliam Ayres. To name some…

    Thank you.

    Mercedes Calcano

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