Glistening streams wash over the land
The Veins and arteries of lif
Carrying debris of loss, regrets and ignorance
Into the vacuum field brimming with the secrets of the cosmos.
Transmutation, emergence, reconfiguration, nothing shall be the same.
The intermittent bitingness of flesh surrenders to the perennial bing-bang of the Infinite
Behold, all is made anew.

Streams of unpredictable associations, non-existent punctuation, loops of sensory
impressions betraying the tone of random thoughts bubble up.
The inescapable algorithm sieving candor from the garbage of  "shoulds" and traditions turned
clichés by the same mind looking to sort them out, laughs.
Were a different voice to stand up? Speak now or forever hold your peace.
The left overpowers the right, scribbling evidence of the brain’s moves. Snapshot after
snapshot of memories stuck in time dissolve in acidic nature of the truth.

Words, sounds and images choreograph illusions of movement, stories told in many voices.
Byte packages travel space in ships without engines, shapeless passengers with no name.
In the binary world of zeros and ones, I carry the weight of what is conveyed.
What is Simultaneous decoding…what gives, what takes.
Streaming responds..
Real time exchange, nothing to keep here or there. All hangs out in a wave.

Streams of steam and smoke linger in the rails of the past
Dandelions draw tantalizing pirouettes moved by the hand of Winds
Drawing far and beyond the puffs exhaled by coal and fire exert their last breath.
Choo- choo farewells leave their captors and spin the wheels of time.

Streams on legs wander the platform. Grammatical flux without punctuation.
Conversation bubbles above, doodling invisible traces bearing meaning, is it not?
The clock rings six, and the period shows up.
Streams in parenthesis cross the thresholds of thoughts. Heads and faces just billiard balls.
Question marks pin the hair up, dashes put reveries on hold.
Nobody knows what is to come. The clock rang five, not long ago. Stacks of clicks were bundled
up, in stats, sentences, invoices and such .

Streams stream what is and what’s not.

Mercedes Calcano February 4th

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