Eucalyptus’ Ode

Auld Lang Syne rings...
2024 Opens...

Pre-face (d)

The Old squints bravely
At the bright face of the New
Brimming with possibility.
Loved and strangers alike 
Silently question
The Past


Time Long Past
Distant memories remain
Every sloppy kiss,
Every glass-clinking toast
Every euphoric hug shared 
Reflections drowned out
by slurred conversations
The forgotten resolutions
Hidden in the wooden chests of Regrets

Time long past
I walked the airy streams
Where hints of citrus, honey, and mint
Entwined in threads of mist  
Bequeath the fragrant scent 
Lingering in green leathery tongues
Gossiping misadventures
Whispering encounters 
Mourning departures 

Time long past
The Keepers of memories not easily wilted
Remember spontaneous affection
The disorienting nostalgia,
The cups of kindness 
Running in the earthly veins
Giving and giving
Without restrain

Long time past
Blue-Grey Elders
Peeling their life in pieces
Weeping renewal tears 
Gathering girth
Shedding the old
Revealing the gold underneath
Red healing gum leaking from the entrails of history
Shall sooth the pain, 
Renew the Wish
Exposing the new virgin bark
About to spring

Long time Past
The randomness of Wisdom
Call out by the Wind
Rattling legends and Myths
Holding truths and dreams
Gripping at the center of the Earth
With strong, gentle fingers
Caressing the land 
Containing the hearts 
The seeds of life

Long time past
I touched you
I trailed you
I felt you

Long Time Forever
I shall keep you
In a drawer of my soul.

Mercedes Calcano January 2024

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