Raindrops, Philosopher Stone of Life

Drizzling pearls
Over the thirsty soil
Wash away the longings
Breath-feeding growth

One by one
They penetrate defenses
Feigned weakness
Dissolves, Becomes, one with the other

Invisible arms cradle the sod
Invisible legs trod a web
Every step deliberated
Reaching deeper and wider
Holding the earth captive
In a liquid spell

Born from the wavy mirrors
Etching the shores in laces of foam
And the Undulating strands
Panting rainbows against the sun
Locks of transparency braided by rocks
Freely cascade in roaring glee
To roam fiercely around the world
In hasted recognition
Rich with life

A raindrop kiss
Makes all anew
Cleansing sorrows
Eroding the old
Taking away Lead
Distilling Gold

Lenses to realms unknown
Hanging in the windows of the soul
Droplets nudged up by the wind
Given wings to return home

Droplets slide down
Drawn by a force
Mischievous and soft
Air says no
Careful my dear
They must remain whole
No harm done

Alchemy’s Eternal cycle
A state contains them all
Once foggy, cottony, liquid
Frozen in crystals
Fractals of Love

Poured bountifully
Store in the blue vaults
Separating the lands and
Sketching infinite paths
Where boned and boneless creatures
Algae and seagrass
Cold and warm blooded
Dance an eclectic Renewal waltz

Mercedes Calcano June 23th. 2024

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