Evidence Of Now…

Is a collaborative project for and by explorers with a lifetime experience not following linear paths and common guidelines in life and an array of cool disparate interests serving as their North Stars. 

This publication was born on November 5th of 2019 in the Medium platform as Evidence Of… with all contributors sharing being MULTIPOTENTIALITES*

NOW, we here are, back again to share our stories and the different lenses of strengths, colours and magnification we use to embrace life in the hope to offer EVIDENCE that no matter what surrounds us, human beings are still extraordinary.


A space to inspire inner voices to express themselves from a place of creative impulse and unlimited potential


To plunge into life and explore its magic, share our findings and offer evidence of our co-creation.


The core values we strive to embody in our writings are: 

Genuineness, Integrity, Accountability, & Soul; along with Excellence and Learned-Optimism; combining to provide Inspiration, Growth, Awareness, & Joy.


Our Team


Mercedes Calcano

Bold ​troubadour and ​soul ​whisperer walk​​ing existence from a place where wonder, zest and imagination come together to explore humanness ​and life’s​ irresistible mysteries. She loves navigating cross cultural and interdisciplinary environments to inspire her audiences with eclectic blends of original works.

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