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Unanswered Questions

If I didn’t have a name Who would I be? If my skin wasn’t this shade, who would I be? Is my tongue couldn’t speak words, My memory recall people and place If there were no lingering thoughts No reason to love, Who would I be? If I didn’t have roles Would I be me?

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Glistening streams wash over the land The Veins and arteries of lif Carrying debris of loss, regrets and ignorance Into the vacuum field brimming with the secrets of the cosmos. Transmutation, emergence, reconfiguration, nothing shall be the same. The intermittent bitingness of flesh surrenders to the perennial bing-bang of the Infinite certainty. Behold, all is

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Eucalyptus’ Ode

Auld Lang Syne rings… 2024 Opens… Pre-face (d) The Old squints bravely At the bright face of the New Brimming with possibility. Loved and strangers alike Silently question The Past Ode Time Long Past Distant memories remain Every sloppy kiss, Every glass-clinking toast Every euphoric hug shared Reflections drowned out by slurred conversations The forgotten

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Elusive thing When raised to a banner Yielding masses to agree Malleable Diluted Tempered Alchemized In the fire of ambition and power Objectified As the price we pay for spilling blood In the name of slippery, volatile constructs Burnt to ashes without feathers springing on renewal flight Peace The elixir running in the veins of

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