Elusive thing When raised to a banner Yielding masses to agree Malleable Diluted Tempered Alchemized In the fire of ambition and power Objectified As the price we pay for spilling blood In the name of slippery, volatile constructs Burnt to ashes without feathers springing on renewal flight Peace The elixir running in the veins of …

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Echo of a MEmory

An echo of a memory through cracks in reality slips The faint glimmer of a long-lost dream with crumbling vestiges of illusion scratching rotten edges in its wake A power with feet of clay precariously swinging on recalcitrant dogmas pertaining a past with unraveled seams and bitter stains claimed in the sleepless nights of ignorance …

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Photo by Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash


You are here today… Yet, who are you? Trapped in the corollary of familiarity, Unidimensional relatedness, Insipid, toneless expression Of a longing too afraid to Assert, Profess, Demand Ownership of worth… You are here today… Yet, what for? Around the conspicuous waste And never-ending loops Unfertile soils eroded by Regularity, commonplace Demure Endured Obscured Stereotype …

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A World without a View

A miasma of ignorance Has befallen us Creeping stems of folly and greed Assembled the truss Overpowering decay of loose morals and hate Seething through gashes of laziness and envy Disguise as fate Deleterious rumors Cluster above Raining the acid drops enfeebling hope When shall it stop? The miasma of despair Crowning an Age When …

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Cosmic Garden

Seeds of potential Lie dormant in the soil of Soul Breathing the vacuum Surrounding all Light and air Spiral above Arrows of life Targeting growth A beating heart’s The sun they orbit along Layer upon layer They extend far and beyond Blooms of dreams Colored by Source Whispering Grow, grow, grow.. April 16th, 2023


Worm Moon Glances

Invisible wriggling doddles the scene Subtle shifts on the level of the unseen From the frost-crusted stillness Early stirrings draw Up and Down Oh! Earth writes poetry and wears the crown Light and Dark call a truce Disputes set down roots Ice monsters perish Under the blade of Determination The bitter cold of winter Surrenders …

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