As silent as mist It rises Amidst the Guilt It prices Remorse and Vices It sizes Slashing the Gist In slices Accursed by the Script It hisses Forgone is the Esprit Who Kisses Subverting the Gifts Eclipsing what Lifts Benumbing the Bliss Routing the Soul …Adrift

Inexorably in Love

It’s a long journey my Love, The one that whispers your name In the rustling leaves And the humming wind scattering my longings in the morning mist In the kiss of the Earth to the rising Warmth and the chirping of hopes Scurrying a promise of love It’s a long journey Dearest, The one that …

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Good Morning Dreams

  Good morning dreams Feeling nostalgic? I can trace its prints… Grounded in hardships and struggles; undesserviness lies still It does not want to be seen So I mourn a memory to be with tears of a past with a strong grip on me. Hidden in the future rest The clues for breaking free You …

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