Walking In Light

Weaving in the Invisible into life
Ariadne’s thread denotes the path

Cruel the mind’s suspicion
Renders innocence perdition
Rampant Shallowness in exhibition
Calling loud for recognition

When the light suffers from inhibitions
Good is shocked into submission
How to withstand this ill- position
When the world claims for hopeful vision

Weaving the Invisible into Life
The true depth of the unseen shines

When the soul is on a mission
The ego’s doomed to rendition
Conquered by intuition
Destiny might come to fruition

When hate has become an addiction
Honor doesn’t ask for permission
Isn’t love that one Condition
The human heart greatest ambition?

My war, your war Competition
Is in need of a nobler transition
Where instead of rash opposition
Peace has an inclusive definition

Weaving the Invisible into Life
Formless power becomes Light

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