Once Upon A…

Narrative for Integral Well-Being

From worlds of make-believe to daydream; human beings have used storytelling for dealing with conflict or fantasize about a life without conflict. Whether in our dreams or in texts, we respond to stories as though we were actually experiencing the events. This allows us to live vicariously through a situation, without actually confronting any danger.

Most great stories, whether explicitly or implicitly, teach us how to live and bind us together around common values; they serve as a form of social glue bringing us closer in our shared humanity.

Children and adults need more than just the basic means for survival. They need opportunities to develop a sense of personal significance and fulfillment. We all need to able to explore and respond to the world around us, to discover and express cultural and social values on numerous levels, and to assert and shape our own voices.

Self-compassion and empathy can be an inspiring adventure when explored through stories offering meaningful lessons. Once Upon a Time … Swappy Stories™ Introduce the reader to original songs working as prompts for imaginative narratives to cultivate a quality of innocence and gentleness in our children. They are part of my “Teaching for Greatness™ thought-provoking Essential Experiences and its foundational principles: Anatomy of the Invisible™ and Pedagogy of the Wonder ™.

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