I Undid The Tie And Lift the Lid… Many Lives Are Required To Describe The Gift.

To Ali, Joseph, Teresa, Debora, Patricia, Dave, Gary, Noam and Mick …



“The language of friendship is not words Gift Boxbut meanings”.
Henry David Thoreau


Many deep and beautiful things have been said about friendship; is one of those things that linger across all times touching hearts and transforming them subtly and permanently. Friendship weaves itself without prejudices and enjoys entangling infinite shades of the rainbow colors in a shroud eternally woven and unwoven in infinite patterns of vulnerability, love and courage that infects the Universe with our humanity.

Friendship can pay a visit or stay forever, it can be abated by change, distance, disloyalty and betrayal and take flight in search of new horizons. But the land that guarded the seed and nurtured it shall not forget, and endure the wheel of life, providing support to ancient roots and making room for new seeds to come.

I truly believe that luck has nothing to do with friends, I see it as a sacred ritual in which The Divine shows up taking different forms to aid in the accomplishment of spiritual tasks and in return experiences life in its most primal and raw facets, those of imperfection and impermanence.

In Friendship, the simple and ordinary goes for a ride, unaware of the complex and extraordinary sitting next to it; is such a natural and generous abundant act that is easy to overlook.

Today we celebrate friendship.” Friend” might be a kind of wild card used in many settings as a collection of names, memories and events; a space for lightness and delightful sharing.

Friendship is so much more though. It is a language of the soul, written and read in meanings and actions. It lives in the pleasure of commonplaces and adventures, dreams and unforgettable moments and in the held hands and wiped tears of two souls locked in an embrace that forgoes separateness.

True Friendship does not hide behind excuses, is not threatened by the successes or annoyed by short comings. True friendship shows up, takes all patiently and courageously, speaks boldly when needed while and remains unchangeable. True Friendship is the macrocosms and all its mysteries contained in the microcosms of our hearts.

Friend is a word charged with possibilities, a sacred gift disguised as day-to-day life, bringing the best of us to light while dressing up with smiles, laugh and true caring.

I am then calling up to celebrating an ancient rite imprinted in Heaven and binding us together, today I celebrate an Invisible dwelling in the hearts of mankind, nature and everything in existence.

With deep gratitude I surrender to it…


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you my readers and companions, I thank you for bringing the best in me as well…



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