A Chamber Of Mysteries

El Salòn InvertidoHe said it was “Shame”
That in which I hide myself
She said I was free,
Because I knew my true-self
In a comma of the senses
Endlessly feelings spin
Thoughts jump irreverently
Drawing paths and mapping tweaks

I stand here, but have not left yet
Trying to make sense
Of what in the heck
Was given birth
Remarkable life
The North Star sings
And thousand pieces
Bombard me

The known and unknown sat together
On those days
The one who walked in
Never saw that friend again
Once out, a memory played
Played hide and seek with that old self
There where others in the game
Mirrors, witnesses of change
Joy wandered greeting them
An the world smiled,
It smiled again

Scattered around
Ideas and dreams
While fear weaves
What it is meant to be
I do not know
Would I ever will?
What is to be born?
Whispering to the wind
I do not know
Written in the leaves

Quiet I surrender
To that space within
I do not know!
My face in tears
I do not either
No yet at least
But do not worry
The voice in me
What I do know
Is that it is


Portland, World Domination Summit, 2013

For those I met and the ones I will…
For the encounter of souls dancing free
I raise my glass and gratefully savor
The sweet nectar of
What is to Be…

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