Echo of a MEmory

An echo of a memory
through cracks in reality slips
The faint glimmer of a long-lost dream
with crumbling vestiges of illusion
scratching rotten edges in its wake 
A power with feet of clay 
precariously swinging on recalcitrant dogmas
pertaining a past with unraveled seams and bitter stains
claimed in the sleepless nights of ignorance
pretending to be Sovereign.

When the New rebels
the Old turns to dust
All becomes None
Leaves caught in the wrath of a storm
All attachments gone
Stone reliefs eroded under merciless waters, 
Truths sublimed into gibberish,
testaments of the inevitability of decay
Relics of a bygone Being
trapped in a cage of trinkets and Quests

A palisade of feathers
shield the sandcastle of dreams,
The phantom scent of a lost love 
sneaks into the embers of a cleansing flame 
pulverizing skeletons
eating away at all that is old, 
all that is pain.
leaving just a lingering taste

Bells of innocence 
glowing in the tarnished golden of cherished moments
Unearth the distant echo of a long-forgotten song
The silent whisper of a promise
Bears all its fruits again

The echo of a memory tarried in the air,
A faint scent of perfume savoring itself
The ivory opened shell exposing its pearl
Tingling laughter traveling through veins
The buzz of aliveness calling my name

The echo of a memory no longer IS
What IS shall not be denied 
It has taken wings
The Echo might ring… and ring
touching those surfaces
Veiling the I, the ME, 
Whose time has come to fly FREE

Mercedes Calcano July 1st 2023

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