November’s Challenge

Let us play with words

10 minutes Poetry

A group of fellow writers decided to get together for a small session of productive creative poetry. Using the word “Fall” in different contexts to attempt some quirky metaphors. Here is the result…

FALL is the Word…

The Season

Yellow bliss weaves
Through Reds and browns leaves
While Summer grieves
The loss of greens
We shall not be deceived
By the naked sleeves
Of bare trees
About freeze
Just another turn
In the wheel of life
From Black to white
All shades of Light 
We’ll come back 
Again, the world is bright

Warm colors Call 
Greens become small
It is all about Fall
Dear Folks
No leaves
No sun
Just the cold
Whispering breeze
In Nights made short
By the hand of God.

To Fall

And it fell 
Daunting reality
Without escape
The shell of lies
Forsaken gilt
Of iron clad
in golden chips
Regrets or guilt?
Not even a bit
As Memory splits
Over the ash quilt 
Trust tilt
And love wilts

Falling in Love

Fall in love
More than once
With the You left behind
The You searching, 
for a new start

Fall in love
With image that look backs
And finds just flaws
And hangs to the last straws

Fall in love
With everything that might have been
Or is about to take the leap
Fall in love
Fall in love
With everything
As the heart plucks strings
And the soul sings
Love is the thing
The bell that life rings

Fall Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

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