Erected in Clay, Wood and Stone
Hay, leaves, water and bones
Soft and permeable
Flowing gowns
Thick and strong
Ancients oaths

Unfathomable boundaries
Containing, confining, protecting
High or low our gaze will go fluttering signs, scrapes and stains
Bleeding time
Trails of tales
Hanging here and there
Here and everywhere

Changing lines and shapes
Hues defiant, uncertain, unaware
Color wheels and graded palettes
And the heart beats
slowly, quick, stops or skips

Invisible words
Clues of life and death
Silent witnesses in a fragile array human, primitive, vulnerable, eternal
Written legacies and triumphs
Misery and regrets
Growing scores
Random mistakes
Nails and holes
Sweet, young and old

Thousands of stories
Brought up
Turned down
Made tall
Made short
Truths to be told
Perjuries and cons
Infinite possibilities

History, you know
Oh, Walls
I am in awe

Photo by Scott Webb in Pexel / October 22nd, 2021.

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