Looking the mirror
what do you see?
Ghostly desires
Standing still
Grayish light
Subduing reliefs

Looking at the mirror
What do you see?
History engraves
A design of its own
Intanglio of wonder
Struggles and love

Looking at the mirror
What do you see?
Power in felt
Gentle yet firm
Thoughts hauled up
Swirled on a stream
The frail was swept
And disappeared

Looking past the mirror
What can you see?
A secret chamber
With creased brim
Shape as crowns
Longings turn green
Featherly wings
Pull the strings
The heart sings
The soul is King

Done a hat
That's what I did
Something anew just slid
It named the winds
South, West and East
And "I" stood tall
Facing it's North
Look what the mirror brought forth!

October 23rd, 2021

Photo by Engin Binbas from Pexels

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