Worm Moon Glances

: https://www.pexels.com/photo/selective-focus-photo-of-white-flowers-2440299/
Invisible wriggling doddles the scene
Subtle shifts on the level of the unseen 
From the frost-crusted stillness 
Early stirrings draw Up and Down
Oh! Earth writes poetry and wears the crown

Light and Dark call a truce
Disputes set down roots
Ice monsters perish 
Under the blade of Determination 
The bitter cold of winter
Surrenders the white hallucination 

The Equinox long arms 
Reaches far and beyond
Being and not beings
Enfolded in hug
Every bloom whistles
Running sap whispers
What’s been muffled for so long
Awakens to the song

Curled up in sleepy blankets
The tides of life sigh
Dormant shoots of bulbs 
Push their way on high 
In vibrant purple, yellow, and red.
What lied beneath the earth. 
Blasts victory waves
Petal horns announcing
It is time for a change

The mistress of fertility 
Walks now the desolate hills, 
Regal in blue gown and red drapes, 
Dispenses footprints of renewal, 
And leaves behind such a landscape!

Pleasure rides the fat and docile beast
The elixir of life bestrides Spring
The wind smells of Black, red and green 
Pan celebrates in frenzy 
Gushing down the stream
Immortality joins the Orphic dream

The harbingers of spring
Giggle caressed by the powerful shift,
Creative Yellows, vital pinks
Quietly dotting earthy greens
Banks of rivers and streams 

Who's there?
In the distance rings
The voice of vanity
Ripples in waters of conceit 
Endlessly pinning away 
The flower that bears his name
Screams in triumphant 
the road is mine to take!

Mercedes 3/19/2023
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