Behind Lace Curtains

Nobody seemed to remember the old house on the hilltop. The white walls worn and yellowed by time were speckled with thousands of small pinholes where termites have eaten through the wood leaving a complex web of faint lines. Pieces of blue shutters hung precariously on rotten joints or crumbled into piles of sand on …

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Inspired By Blue

The words seemed to be stuck in my throat. The lump in it warned me about the danger of allowing emotion betraying my promise and end up spilling truths that needed to be concealed.  There was no ill intention. Of that at least, I could be certain.  She was my best friend and I had …

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Even After My Dead

Even after my dead they would remain safe. I had taken the necessary precautions to make it impossible for him to find them. He had in-imaginable resources, yes; but that was precisely what I was counting on. I had learned my lesson, a very painful one, I shall said. I had paid such a high …

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