The Sky We Were Born Under


The concept that each individual’s personality or path in life can be determined by constructing a map of the configuration of the sky on the exact date, time, and location of one’s birth, is indeed a very old one. Somehow the placement of planets in houses, the angles and conjunctions of the sky we were born under, serve as a snapshot of all the directions our life could take; revealing not only our strengths and weaknesses but the secret dynamics that we shall face in time.

Our fate might be written in the stars…

Progress towards civilization not only has demystified nature; the intent to exert control over it has led us to assume in our arrogance, that mankind is above the invisible energetic patterns and laws affecting existence.

Knowledge hoarding has crushed wisdom and ingenuity in its attempt to fill the impending and everlasting nothingness of our times, with vanity and power. Or shall I say force?  The quest for understanding our origins and predict our fates, has bypassed almost every ethical boundary, transmuting the unsullied explorer into mercenaries, and the sweet sage of curiosity in the venom of dominion.

Not the most alluring Alchemical outcome!

I find myself trapped in this petty discourse. My hand trembling in the paper, leaving a smear of black ink that become blood in my nightmares.

Oh, my dear friend; how could we have remained oblivious to the facts for so long? Can there be forgiveness for such a sin? What do our greys and wrinkles are, but cheer complicity with the lethal destiny hastily approaching?

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