For a thousand years and many lives The seasons have seen your smile Pearly teeth of moonlight Waxing crescent Brighter than stars Flowing rivers search the banks Where sand imprints hold hands The eclipse shall come Who knows for how long Yet Dawn breeds hope And waters the old trope The rope my love Your …

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Five Senses

If the senses make any sense I’d rather dwell On earthy smells Grass soaked by rain A fireplace Jazmine, lavender, so many of them If senses make any sense Cinnamon is the taste In sugary blend on bread and cake It senses make any sense The touch of clay taking shape on molding hands warm …

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Looking the mirror what do you see? Ghostly desires Standing still Grayish light Subduing reliefs Looking at the mirror What do you see? History engraves A design of its own Intanglio of wonder Struggles and love Looking at the mirror What do you see? Power in felt Gentle yet firm Thoughts hauled up Swirled on …

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Erected in Clay, Wood and Stone Hay, leaves, water and bones Soft and permeable Flowing gowns Thick and strong Ancients oaths Unfathomable boundaries Containing, confining, protecting High or low our gaze will go fluttering signs, scrapes and stains Bleeding time Trails of tales Hanging here and there Here and everywhere Changing lines and shapes Hues …

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Purpose Elusive and wonderful Living prints in patterned sands Moved by waves Wind and water Shaped and reshaped By time By hands By mind By hearts Sought after Through Life Through Love Through Experience Through Age In books In charts In Gods In people In the stars Purpose Wandering Metaphor Of the invisible Soul Containing …

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