Dreaming In White

“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe… is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”
Albert Einstein

Today snowed in Birmingham, Alabama; this green and warm city, is not used to it and there was chaos everywhere; long hours in traffic, cars wreced, stuck, people walking home and people hanging out where the weather surprised them. Yes, it is a difficult thing to bear, most of all when some have moved to the warm South, to avoid cold, windy and snowy weather.

I come from Latin America and the tropical and sunny beaches in the Caribbean Sea. I discovered though along these past 3 years, that I must have so kind of weird gene replicating those of Penguins, because I love cold weather.

I have to confess I was secretly asking for snow; I had woke up in the middle of the night expecting to see the white flakes covering everything around when the weather channel had announced – “possible snow showers today;” and had been disappointed. I was about to give up and then…. A white day!

I was in a parallel Universe; while others were frustrated and annoyed and even scared, I went for a walk for fun. I jumped, slide and got wet. I do not have winter clothes, so I dressed up with two or three of everything (three pair of gloves, two pairs of pants, 3 hats, a sweater and a jacket), hard to move, impossible to text!

I threw myself in the snow and drew snow angles and wrote to the universe in that amazingly white canvas how happy I was of being able to see and feel those soft flakes that seem to move in snow motion if you look at them from below.

I was almost ashamed of my joy; I understand that is not fun when it takes us 5 hour to reach home and the last section, you have to walk ( yes, I know, and shoveling snow from the driveway and so on!) I do apologize for my insensibility. I was warm enough and there were no people hurt around me.

There was a moment of such an overwhelming feeling of wonder and gratitude for life, for nature, for the opportunity to experience an open space that seemed almost magic that I have to stop and contemplate in silence my surroundings…

I reflected on how different things can be when you decide to see them through the lenses of acceptance and awe!

If I want something to be real in my life and never ever forget, is the ability to be surprised and in awe. I think that the innocence of our childhood is never lost, is just asleep…

Today my adult gave up and allowed my inner child to have the time of her life! I have committed to let her “Be” openly before, but today I am certain that alchemy has done its job; she is alive and ready to take over, I got my philosopher stone.

If you have not find yours, please keep looking, is there at the tip of your fingers, or may I say your soul?

Image Credit:http://donaldsweblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/snow-angel.html

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming In White”

  1. Glad you were able to embrace the beauty of the day, my friend! No need to ever apologize for being inspired and joyful, as that can trigger inspiration and joy in others! May you continue to be full of awe. 🙂

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