Remembering Our Connection

We appear on Earth as separates beings with diverse destinies; but as each separate raindrop is a part of the sea, so are we a part of the ocean of Awareness, the Body of God
Dan Millman

The idea that we are One consciousness, One Being does not coincide with our everyday perception; we live such busy lives and engage in personal challenges so deeply that is hard to imagine that these events and emotions are not only experienced by us. We have separated bodies, mind and feelings, we are indeed many and one at the same time; it is ones of those paradox of the Universe that drives us crazy if we want attempt to understand and could transform the world of we could just live it. What an image to behold the one of being the same higher consciousness manifested in different bodies and lives like branches of the same tree!

Humanity tends to forget and focus on separation and differences instead of what unites us. Everything is comprised by other many things; think as tiny as molecules or about this one and only planet Earth with billions of species, water, air, fire, and an unimaginable amount of atoms!

When we talk about our soul, our higher self, what are we talking about?

Whatever this intangible is; is present in everything around us. We might recall times in which this true was felt deeply although we could not grasp it with our minds.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of other?
I am talking here about really look; I cannot explain the sensation of getting lost inside the other, or around or who knows where! Boundaries dissolve, lines, features, everything seems to disappear to leave us with nothing but feeling; one of traveling far away and deeper and a “weird” sense of recognition…

I understand that in our day a day life is almost impossible to move into this awareness of being “One” with all the Creation; but if you have felt it at least with just another human being, you know it. We can choose to align ourselves with this universal truth by perceiving other people as aspects of ourselves, as mirrors.

How would you act if you remember to see you in the other?
What would happen to our feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy or envy?
How do compassion and understanding for every aspect of yourself, and the other in you would affect our fears and doubts?

If we could see those deeps threads between us and everything in life, we would realize that we are entangled in the beautiful fabric that the Universe wears and perhaps learn to live in harmony under an expanded vision of humanity as “One” with the cosmos. Cooperation would reign then, we would begin to see every human being, loves ones, enemies and strangers through the eyes of “one and the same” and allowing conflicts and suffering to dissolve and open the space for empathy, compassion and unconditional acceptance to lead.

John Lennon and Imagine comes to mind; what a vision for the world, don’t you agree?

Have you experience that “out of the body” kind of connection?
Have you experience our deep connection with nature?

I love trees, I love their energy, the years of wisdom encapsulate in such a beautiful creation, when I have the pleasure of standing in front of huge and old tress that seem to have been sculpted by the hand of a Master I think about how much they have seen, heard and experience. Since I was a kid I had the impression that we were like them, and I almost could feel roots and branches coming out form my body. Yes, you are right! I am a tree hugger; I had forgotten the amazing gift of knowing deep inside that there is more surrounding us than meets the eye.

A dear cyberspace friend, Stacey Brown; remind me about the importance to reconnect with what makes us feeling really alive, no matter how silly it might be seen. Stacey talks about being a” hippy at heart” as a way to go back to the late 60’s ideals of Peace, Love, and Rock n’ Roll (Oh, I have to confess that under the spell of classical music, this one is hard for me! Sorry guys) and remove ourselves from the hustle of normal daily life and mass-social-movements of Botox, movies stars and so on.The most important part of the free love movement in the 60’s, she adds; was the connection each person felt to their peers and to the cause.

Where did our parent’s free love revolution go? She asks.


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