I Was Listening to Something I Heard Before

I couldn’t seem to find what was bothering me. I kept looking around in autopilot and coming back to my research; my head bouncing like a pinball from screen to everywhere in the room. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing something. Was I being watched? Unless by a ghost, there was no way someone could without being seen, the tiny box serving as office didn’t have windows and the door was just a few feet to my left.; my peripheral vision would catch the movement in the hall; and that’s why I usually closed the door.

It was late; the building was empty; as co-workers had left already to enjoy their weekend. Friday’s clock stopped at four and no call or emergency would interfere with the stampede of deaf ears getting out of the doors. Not even the boss, he was the first to leave. The deadline for my dissertation was quickly approaching and I needed to make for all the time wasted in dealing with a burst pipe, a gas leak and other ghastly issues going around in my condo; one of them no internet access. Everything appeared to be falling apart; I know that disturbing events seemed to happen in bulks sometimes, but this was starting to look less as bad luck and more totally unbelievable or ridiculous; which was making me feel anxious.

Work had also brought its own issues; lost forms; files gone from the server; misplaced mail; and my mug with colored paws which had suddenly disappeared, was found broken in the paper storage closet two days ago. I never go there; which makes it all the more confusing. Unless; I am somehow losing my mind and can’t recall doing these things! The thought made me cringe. I forced myself back to work, but I couldn’t dispel the nagging warning probing at the back of my mind. I stopped frustrated; breathed and then… I got it; the sound filtering through the paneled drywall; a metallic crank rhythmically lurking as an echo of the past. The sudden panic I felt made me choke. I was listening to something I heard before, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.



Photo by Pawel L

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