Owning: “I am a Puttypeep!”

You will find that my website has a place for written prompts and poems. I never thought of myself as a writer or poet. I always loved reading. Life tough has its way to push you into shimmering unknown waters and show you how much joy can be found in the unexpected.

Some months ago, I watched Emilie Wapnik’s TEDtalk*- “Why some of us don’t have one true calling. Here she described what might be a reality for me of us out there. Emilie dubbed us as “multipotentialites” or people who are equally good at multiple things. From this talk, I learned about the Puttytribe** an online community for a for people who have many interests and creative pursuits. (links)

This post is about one of my experiences in the Tribe. There are many spaces for creativity and potential in the community framed as “Do Your Thing Here With Us;” which translates into co-working rooms, google docs, huddles, accountability, post threads, challenges, etc.

This September; one of our members posted “A Poem a Day” challenge. An entire month of writing poetry! I thought it impossible! What about inspiration? Do I need to hold the muse captive?

It turned out to be a wonderful, very inspiring and productive month.

Not only 30 Poems, but two original music compositions and new sound stories emerged, I resumed blogging and feel motivated to keep a comfortable but steady writing pace. I build new pages in my web portfolio to share the prompts I have enjoyed developing (another activity), I lead a workshop, enjoyed and exchanged ideas; cultivated friendships, and so on. I am flowing, new projects and opportunities can be seen on the horizon, many possibilities… believe in potential is the motto!

For joining a community means not only holding to a sense of belonging, but to find a place where I can safely BE, grow, make mistakes, try new things and feel that shared humanity that brings us together in our challenges and misfortunes; and find the inspiration and encouragement when someone else’s achievements remind us that what we long is possible.

“The Poem a Day” challenge, was a wonderful “school;” one I loved attending. The Puttycomps, Prompt & Thought, and The Blog-O-Rama, they all give me a sense of purpose; or more accurately, help me focus my intention in what matters and to forget all the intrusive chatter of the inner confused Me and the “don’t stir the waters” outside world.

The Tribe has given me a space where I feel safe to explore, where I am not afraid of looking bad or good, where my voice can break in the higher notes, and I laugh and try vocalizing again. It is also a space where “What if I could” is becoming more powerful than “Well, I knew it was difficult, I never have done this before, what was I thinking! And that old stuff that keeps me stuck in the old perception that there’s only one right way to be successful, to achieve greatness, to feel incandescent happy.

Where will all this take me? NO IDEA! Isn’t that fantastic!!! Because I have also come to appreciate the mysterious ways in which the Universe works, instead of dreading it.

Can you imagine how different a world where you can say- I didn’t’ make it, I hate that, I am depressed, I need help, i.e.- and nobody looks at you as if you were totally out of place? On the contrary how many people have the courage to share their own experience and tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

How many times do you find people who make sure you know they are truly happy for you and congratulate and cheer you up to keep going?
In the Tribe we are mentored and mentor others, we are shoulders and rest on the shoulders of others, we are knowledgeable and amateurs, and it’s alright!

I believe that my own need for validation, my terror of speaking out is being softly and lovingly replaced by a sense of nobility, a deep need to honor the sacred space the Tribe offers.

When a place brings out the same wonder, respect and commitment you find in what is most sacred to you (nature, family, beliefs, etc.) you know you’re growing into that self that secretly (or openly) you long to become.

For that and the many incredible conversations, friends, partners in crime, the creations that come not only from my heart but form the heart of those visible and invisible peeps who I feel holding me…. I am deeply grateful.

May this emerging wave of possibility and friendship, touch all of you and carry you in its powerful potential to greatness.



(**) https://theputtytribe.com/

Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/abstract-background-beach-color-355288/
Photo by Pixabay

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