Good Morning Dreams


Good morning dreams
Feeling nostalgic?
I can trace its prints…
Grounded in hardships and struggles;
undesserviness lies still
It does not want to be seen

So I mourn a memory to be
with tears of a past with a strong grip on me.
Hidden in the future rest
The clues for breaking free
You just have to pay a visit
And see them dancing an old belief

I have seen my dreams
With the heavy fetters and lenses
Of borrowed lives and fears
Drowned in the chaos of becoming
I chose their struggle,
Not the dreams

I can breathe now and rest in peace
I uncovered the thief.

So, welcome nostalgy, sorrows and tears!
What a gift you bring to me
I apologize though, for having to leave
Distractions and numbness are no longer on my list
I have a train to catch
The train of my dreams

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