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“Listening is a form of accepting”
Stella Terril Mann

How many times in life we let opportunities; or just simple delightful moments,  pass by because we were not paying attention?

When experiencing the need for something else, or in moments of distress we ask for inspiration, we pray and wait, wait, wait…

Are we so used to expect the answer in a certain way that just overlook it when it comes?

The Universe is creative, even playful…

In my experience the answers come to visit in ways I do not expect, sometimes even difficult to understand. They come as hunches, events that seem random at first, or disguised in challenges.

Julia Cameron says that “art is an act of tuning in and dropping down the well.” If we understand art as a form of creation, a way of putting ourselves out there;  we can see the importance to learn listen, to “read the signs.”

When something knocks and ask us to do this or that, we need to move into it on faith. We will learn little by little to hear with increase accuracy our inspired intuitive voice and act upon. Is  just a matter of practice…

Learning to accept that the Universe is trying to help and see the hand of the Divine Mystery in these inspired actions, is a way to let go fear and tune into our personal frequency.

What about you? How tuned are you with your intuitive self?

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