Inexorably in Love

It’s a long journey my Love,
The one that whispers your name

In the rustling leaves
And the humming wind
scattering my longings
in the morning mist

In the kiss of the Earth
to the rising Warmth
and the chirping of hopes
Scurrying a promise of love

It’s a long journey Dearest,
The one that hides your face

The tale of absence afar has gone
Your path concealed by the dust of loss
Unavoidable lines trace your name
Invisibly leaping across the worlds

It’s a long journey, Sweetheart,
The one that skips a beat in your presence

Past lives semblances forgone
But not you,
The taste of life is disturbed
But not you
Contours fading in my mind
But not you,

In the Soul a memory quivers,
It knows your touch
The sphere of your light bathes my senses
I surrender all pretenses

It’s a Pilgrimage my Love, what you request from me?

Wandering in Faith’s intricate compass
I quest for you, I burn for you
I join the sighs of oblivion
Begging to be remembered

I ponder where you dwell
And seize the wonder of your spell
The rawness of fray binding me to a stele
Unfathomable truth without a shape

Is it more than a fragmentary thought riding along in us?

Don’t leave me empty walking into the blaze
Time is a cruel hollow gnawing at the edge
All meaning erased
All longings defaced

Yes, my love….

It’s a Quest, and a sacred one

I trace you heart in the pages of this life
The one without you and see myself.

It’s a long journey my Love, the one for wisdom
The light is lulling the dark asleep
And I know, I know
I’ll be seeing you



Mercedes Calcano
February 2018



 Image Credit: Living Soul fro
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