The Bird on My Window. A Reflection on Habits

Part One

Is snowing. Big fluffy flakes spark the tulle swayed by the wind, hiding under white cottony layers everything on its way. I get out of bed ready for my morning coffee, and as I look at the snow covering the window’s sill, a tiny sparrow chirps and flies around to catch my attention.

You see; every day I put some seeds for birds and squirrels on it. It brings me joy to have them around. I like to be trusted by them, I feel connected to the realm of Nature that fills me with such awe and longings.

I didn’t think I would see them today, it’s a bit stormy outside. I figured they would be nesting at home as I am. I look as this tiny bird, up early and about for her food; I see an amount of snow that is twice taller than she is, falling in blasts and it just hit me! What a big lesson she’s offering me. It doesn’t matter if she is one that feasts on, the blow-whistler or the leader of her flock. It’s snowing heavily and this feathery-light weight-tiny thing is asking me to keep my commitment.

How many times I use “difficult environments or circumstances” as excuses to avoid doing something that it’s hard, boring or just scares the hell out of me?

Going pass the obvious survival instinct, I found myself thinking about strong motivations and bias for action. What moves me to do something, or not?

Passion & Fear

I can go around or bring about things (goals, creations, interests, etc.) because I love them or because I fear the outcome if I don’t. These are the initial triggers, the motivation behind the behavior. But as we all might have experienced; motivation or will- even if you got plenty of it- Is not enough! It’s easy to get side tracked after a few days.

I discovered that some behaviors are avoidance patterns, no matter how perfectly logical they seem to be. One of mine is the tendency to put too much on my plate. I go on looking at the areas I want to tackle (emphasis on the plural- areaS). I research about the best practices, choose what appeals to me and set an impossible schedule!

The obvious reaction: feeling overwhelmed.

Well then, let’s do small: 2 mins here, 5 minutes there, after lunch, before bed.…

You will soon realize that many 2 mins here and 5 mins there can amount to a couple of hours you don’t know where to get. Add to that the “transitions times” you completely forgot to count in, energy ebbs and flows, unexpected circumstances and your day-to-day activities (If I want to eat, have clothes to put on, live in a nice space, place; I need to go grocery shopping, do laundry and cook and clean). Go figure.

It can get worse! Do you exhibit any traits like being a perfectionist and a neat freak? I do. Absolute Madness!

I should have stayed with the little bird on my window sweet image and forget about lessons!


Oops. I can’t help it, I’m suffering from another wicked trait: digging deep into stuff. Part Two on it’s way.




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